We offer something different.
Broad entertainment formats
with a distinct South Korean twist.
Unique ideas that capture our
love of life, warm hearts and
playful mischief.

Nonsense Co., Ltd. was established in
June 2021 to create “interesting and
unique entertainment content”.
We specialize in the pre-production
phase by producing format packages
consisting of treatments,
bibles and trailers. Through online/mobile
platforms and networks, we sell content
worldwide to generate
license revenues.

Focusing on original formats that reflect
Korean culture and values, we are
targeting overseas markets with
favourable IP positions. Our goal is to
promote the excellence of Korea's
entertainment creativity.

About CI

  • We’re called

    Forget normal

  • We Propose
    Extraordinary Ideas

    Fresh and exciting ideas around
    universally loved themes

  • We Recharge your
    Content Batteries

    For markets with a thirst for new

Our Work

  • Entertainment
    format planning
    Planning various entertainment
    formats such as game shows,
    reality shows, and talk shows
  • Short-form
    content planning
    Planning of various
    digital short-form contents,
    such as YouTube
  • Drama /
    Movie Planning
    Drama and movie planning
    based on entertainment /
    comedy elements
  • Other additional
    Various content
    planning regardless of
    any format

Bum Dong, Son

Format Creator

“I dream that one day our
formats are going to
make the world happier.”